HQ Service & Repair

We are an Authorized Handi Quilter Repair Center with more than 15 years of automation training and experience. For service or repairs for your Handi Quilter machine, please call to schedule an appointment. Open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-2pm.

Annual Tune-Up and Cleaning

We service and clean ALL Handi Quilter models, including, but not limited to: Infinity, Fusion, Avante, Sixteen, Simply Sixteen, Sweet Sixteen. This service includes

HQ Avante Upgrades

Upgrade the software on your Avante - If you have the HQ Avante with C-Pod Firmware Version 2.XX or 3.XX*, your machine can be upgraded to have basting stitch options, the low bobbin estimator and alarm, the quilt alarm, and the quilt timer.

Add the Precision Glide System - If you have an older frame and carriage with white plastic tracks you can upgrade to our new Precision-Glide aluminum wheel and track system. You will need to purchase new machine wheels and carriage track for the machine. The kits are specific to your machine. You should also consider adding the aluminum track to your frame as well.

If you are running HQ Pro-Stitcher and you want to upgrade to the Precision-Glide system you may need a new carriage. See this document to identify which HQ Pro-Stitcher carriage you have. There are three options. Kit A: A carriage mounted computer, Kit B: a sewing machine head-mounted computer, or Kit C: a sewing machine head-mounted computer for the IEI brand monitor. After reading the document please contact us if you have any questions on which kit you will need.

Add a Pro-Stitcher - Your machine is ready to accept an HQ Pro-Stitcher. You will need to contact us to purchase the HQ Pro-Stitcher kit for Avante.

HQ Sweet Sixteen Upgrade
Includes software upgrade for additional touch features: Quilting alarm and timer, Low bobbin estimator and alarm, four basting stitch options, three language options - English, French and Spanish.

Handi Feet Conversion Kit
Includes installation of mount, ruler foot, open-toe foot. Fits all models.

HQ UV LED Fill Kit
Includes: 4 LED, 2 UV for your Handi Quilter Handle Bars. Note: To fill both sides of the handle bars, 2 kits are needed.

HQ UV Replaclements
Includes individual replacement lights for your handle bars.

HQ LED Replacements
Included individual replacement LED bulbs for your handle Bars