Handi Quilter Tru-Stitch

Handi Quilter Tru-Stitch
Handi Quilter Tru-Stitch
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Introducing the most technologically advanced way to sit-down free motion quilt with stitch-regulation. Handi Quilter's HQ Sweet Sixteen is simply the best way for quilters to tackle large quilting projects with a longarm sit-down machine.

With the introduction of TruStitch, quilters are now able to create quilt designs with beautifully even stitches. We just know that you will love this companion for your HQ Sweet Sixteen.

Features & Benefits
* Designed for use with the HQ Sweet Sixteen sit-down longarm quilting machine
* Innovative new stitch-regulation system that measures your movements for choreographed stitch-regulation
* Perfect for all free-motion quilters from beginning to advanced
* Easy to learn how to use and operate the system
* Achieve consistently even stitch lengths, regardless of stitching speed
* Full visibility of quilting area leads to easier quilting and greater flexibility with quilting designs
* Hundreds of trained HQ Representatives throughout the world
* HQ customer service and warranty

Included in the Package
* Controller: Advanced sensor that moves in harmony with the quilt to control stitch length.
* Receiver: The receiver translates the signals from the controller to the machine to regulate stitch length.
* Magnet: Optional-use tool for keeping the controller positioned on the quilt, freeing up your hands for certain techniques and methods.
* Coaster: Attaches firmly to the edge of the quilt, allowing more flexibility for quilting small projects or quilt borders.

How it works
First plug the Tru Stitch receiver into an electrical outlet and into the back your HQ Sweet Sixteen machine. The receiver can be placed near or under the machine table.

Then attach the controller to your quilt. It needs to remain in contact with the table top and move along with the quilt as you work. You have three options. One, place the controller against the table under your quilt and then use your hand to guide the controller along as you quilt.

Second, for a hands-free option use the included magnet on top of your quilt to sandwich the quilt against the controller.

Third you can clip the optional coaster onto your quilt edge and place the controller in the cradle. It will move along as you move the quilt (this option works better with smaller quilts)

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